Designing and testing
at the National Research Council
In Ottawa

Acoustic un-echoic Chamber
Gershman Acoustics has been Designing and manufacturing High End Loudspeakers since 1993.
Using such technology advanced facility as The National Research Council to develop, design and test all of Gershman Acoustics Modles, as well as having such passionate, knowledgeable and creative chief designer as Mr. Eli Gershman provides Gershman Acoustics with the advantage of designing and manufacturing Award Winning modles such as the Black Swan, Sonogram and Avant Garde and worldwide recognition..
The acoustic un-echoic chamber is a testing facility intended to reproduce acoustic free-field conditions in a controlled environment. Its associated instrumentation permits accurate measurement of the spatial radiation patterns of loudspeakers and the directional receiving characteristics of arrays of microphones.
The chamber consists of an outer shell of concrete block and reinforced concrete surrounding an inner room of steel-panel construction which is mounted on springs to isolate it from the effects of vibration. The walls inside the chamber are lined with fiberglass wedges with a square base.
The walls of the chamber absorb 99% of all incident acoustical energy within the design frequency range and the noise due to external sources is below the minimum audible field.
The chamber is equipped with an array of calibrated sound pressure microphones, turntables, and a full instrumentation suite. For specialized measurements, numerous hangers are provided throughout the chamber for suspending test equipment and there is a removable floor to provide access to the entire space inside the chamber.

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