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Grand Studio II

Closely correlated with a sense of sonic scale and grandeur and life-like-ish soundstage size and height. State-of-the-art is a high-end, floor-standing loudspeaker that boasts exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship.


Frequency response 25Hz-24 KHz
Sensitivity 88 dB

Impedance 6 Ohms

Recommended power 70w-500w

Weight 162 lb

Height 46”

Width 10"

Depth 14"

Woofers 2- 8"

Tweeters 2- 1” soft dome

1/2 “ Solid Stainless steel integrated stand/frame, countering and bolted to the enclosure

The Gershman Acoustics Grand Studio II speaker is a state-of-the-art floor-standing loudspeaker that boasts exceptional sound quality and craftsmanship. The speaker's design is based on D'Appolito designs, which ensures a sense of sonic scale and grandeur, providing a life-like-ish soundstage size and height that is truly immersive. It also features a superb low, powerful and well-defined bass response, adding to the overall listening experience.

With a 2, 1-inch silk dome tweeter and two 8-inch woofers, the Grand Studio II delivers a full-range sound that is incredibly detailed and clear. Its frequency response range of 25Hz to 20kHz and sensitivity of 88dB allows for accurate reproduction of a wide range of audio frequencies with ease.

The Grand Studio II's sleek and stylish design features a high-gloss lacquer finish to match any decor. Its elegant and timeless look makes it a beautiful addition to any room.

This speaker is designed to be paired with high-quality amplifiers and source components, ensuring the ultimate listening experience. Its sturdy construction and high-end components make it a long-lasting investment for any audiophile seeking the highest level of sound quality.

Whether you're listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, the Gershman Acoustics Grand Studio II speaker is the perfect choice for those who demand the very best in sound quality and design. Experience the ultimate listening experience with the Grand Studio II.Woofer
*2 - 8"
* Extensively vented motor is designed in order to eliminate compression and to allow quiet excursion
* Extra thick black electroplated aluminum cone
* Ultra-low distortion
* Multiple layer voice coil for high power handling
* Optimized parameters

*High performance 2- 1" coated silk dome tweeter
* Ferrofluid cooling
* Linear response faceplate
* Braided tinsel leads
* Double chamber
* Lower resonance, extends past 30 kHz

* Hand built
* Point to point soldering
* High-quality capacitors,
* Custom Design 99% oxygen-free wire



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