In Wall Speakers

The transparency extends from the deepest bass notes to the shimmer of the cymbals.



Frequency response  18Hz-24 KHz

Sensitivity 88 dB

Impedance 8 Ohms

Recommended power 70w-500w

12” woofer

5.25” Midrange

1” dome tweeter

Hight 54”

Depth 18”

Width 16”

Weight 174 lb

"The first thing you would notice about these speakers is that the fit and finish of the cabinets in piano black is magnificent. And that finish is the first sign of the quality you will find in how these speakers are designed.

The Studio II is a two-way speaker in a sealed box. It uses an eight-inch woofer/midrange driver made from an extra-thick black anodized aluminum driver with a four-layer coil. It also uses a dual-chamber for the one-inch coated silk dome tweeter. The crossovers are handmade with point-to-point soldering.


I have never heard a Gershman speaker that didn’t have deep, impactful bass, and the Studio IIs are no exception. I’m not saying that they have great bass for a speaker of their size. They just have great bass that is musical and dynamic. The bass is textured with great attack and even better decay.
During the break-in, I used them in my video system but didn’t hook up the subwoofer. They fooled me one night while I was watching the latest version of the movie, A Star Is Born. I could feel the bass so strong that I got up and looked just to be sure the subs weren’t connected. They weren’t!

The Studio IIs aren’t all about the bass though! They are very transparent speakers. I should explain that what I’m calling transparency some of you may call immediacy. To me, transparency is immediacy that is not forward-sounding.

And while the Studio IIs are transparent in the midrange, their transparency extends from the deepest bass notes to the shimmer of the cymbals. They also have a beautifully coherent sound that combines with a very musical sense of tonality and creates an engaging listening experience. The resulting sound is robust and full-bodied with a big tone that is not overly warm or the least bit lacking in clarity... also have dynamics in spades. Again, forget that they are a smaller speaker. Their dynamics are impressive for a speaker of any size. The dynamics are startling, the kind that made me sit up and listen. Listening to Muddy Waters sing the blues, both the dynamics and the micro-dynamics from these speakers were impressive.

With the dynamics, there is also an exceptional scale. The scale is something that is very important to me in a system. By scale, I mean the ability of a speaker system to project lifelike size as well as volume............
.......are the real deal! They have a great tone and soul. Yes, the bass is great, the soundstage is large and coherent, and the midrange is transparent and it sounds alive. But keeping the main thing the main thing, these speakers make recorded music sound remarkably like live music.



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