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E134: Pacific Audio Fest: Gershman Acoustics
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E134: Pacific Audio Fest: Gershman Acoustics

0:00 Intro 0:18 Today's Topic: Pacific Audio Fest and Gershman Acoustics 0:56 The Gershman's 1:12 The Gershman Acoustics statement speaker, the POSH 1:27 The etymology behind the name 1:52 Port Out, Starboard Home 2:08 Some interestingly related history 3:21 Hearing the POSH 4:23 The remarkable Grand Avant Garde 4:52 Introducing the 30th Anniversary Grand Avant Garde 6:04 The system in the Cascade 1 Room 6:32 How it sounded 7:41 The conversation with Ofra and Eli 8:24 Ofra describes the system 8:56 Eli describes the 30th Anniversary Grand Avant Garde design 10:29 Yo-Yo Ma - Sergio Leone Suite: Ecstasy of Gold from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" 12:55 Jeff Castillucci - Big Bad John 14:31 Wrap up 14:52 Martini Time 15:18 Outro-Subscriptions This week, I’ll talk about Gershman Acoustics, of Thornhill, Ontario, Canada. Though a smaller speaker manufacturer by comparison to most others I have covered, this is a company that clearly deserves your attention. Filling the Cascade 1 room on the second floor of the Doubletree by Hilton during the second Pacific Audiofest, today I spotlight their slight, yet floor-standing, 30th Anniversary edition Grand Avant Garde loudspeakers, at $18,000 a pair. Gershman Acoustics Website Ways to support the audio analyst©: Become a member - Patreon: One-Time Gift to “” via PayPal One-Time Gift to “@theaudioanalyst” via Venmo Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:
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